Last Season hunts down the biggest names in surf, street & skate from all around the world to bring you massively discounted prices. All of our clothing, shoes and accessories are genuine, brand new and we offer a money back guarantee on anything purchased on our online store.

As New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere our seasons are pretty much the opposite to the northern hemisphere, this allow us to purchase end of season stock at a heavily discounted rate and pass the savings on to you! For example, when America goes into winter they want to get rid of all of their summer gear and guess who's going into summer? NZ! So we get to nab top brands at a fraction of the price, go us!


  • We hunt down last season stock from around the world to bring you awesome surf, street &skate gear.
  • We guarantee that our prices are the cheapest in New Zealand, if you finder a cheaper price on the same product, we'll beat it.
  • All of our stock is shipped daily from our New Zealand warehouse. We offer overnight delivery in most cases but it is usually delivered between 1-3 working days.
  • If an item doesn't fit or it's not quite right we'll exchange it or refund your money.


Here at Last Season we pride ourselves on delivering the best customer experience around, meet the team that make the magic happen:



    When Chris isn’t sourcing awesome gear from around the world, you can usually find him out at Raglan Beach having heated debates with local sea life. A lover of outdoor pursuits, Chris is a keen snowboarder; well known around the office for strategically falling down mountains at high speed.



    Jeremy is our in house geek but you wouldn’t know it if you looked at him (although he’s not rocking those super rad dreads anymore). With “01000010 01001100 01000101 01000101 01010000” going through his head, you would think that Jeremy would be constantly glued to a computer; as it turns out, he is happiest on any sort of board attached to his feet flying down a hill or tearing up a ramp. Jeremy's newest passion however, is his latest snowboard team: aka his 3 boys & wifey. PS. Feel free to look for a binary code translator.



    Shelley has had a love of watersports since a young kid being brought up around boats, water skiing and wakeboarding. Born and raised in Mt Maunganui and now living the family life at the Mount. Shelley has a love of fashion, yoga, travel and best of all being a busy Mum with two young girls.



    Nick enjoys the beach life over at Mt. Maunganui. Skateboarding and board sports have been the passion of his life until the start of his young family in recent years.



    Anna loves nothing more than spending time at the beach with her 3 young boys or caning down a mountain on a snowboard or mountain bike. After living in London for many years Anna is now very much enjoying being back in NZ raising her young family and building the Last Season empire.



    Dan is the guy that spams everyone on the interwebs and is responsible for getting Last Season in front of you lovely people. You may not know him but he knows you...just kidding. Apart from staring at a screen all day Dan performs in a couple of bands. As well as bashing the drums and/or keyboard (not at the same time) he is a bit of a weekend warrior on the hiking and mountain biking trails, although self-admittedly not that great at the latter.



    Mariia loves to live an active life and explore. That sense of adventure brought her to New Zealand all the way from sunny Ukraine. Now based in Raglan she cannot imagine living anywhere else, Mariia can’t get enough of her water sports: fishing, SUPing (it’s a thing), Kayaking, Diving, Water skiing and hot tubbing. Ok, that last one isn't a sport...or is it? And yes, she has learned to love rugby just like the good old, true blue, honest to goodness, fair dinkum kiwis do.

  • HUY VU


    Huy studied Marketing and Management Communication at the University of Waikato where he currently works in the International Office. Having grown up with family involved in clothing manufacturing he has a passion for the industry. Huy has been a shareholder at Last Season since 2013. Oh, and watch out for his mean backhand, Huy is a force to be reckoned with on the tennis court.



    Pete studies Computer Science at Waikato Uni in between sorting out all of the gear in the Last Season warehouse. Pete plays guitar, likes the great outdoors and enjoys a bit of banter and a beer watching the footy on a Friday night with the lads.